This was such a fun project! We did a guest room refresh with Poster Store and we created the most gorgeous gallery wall. At Poster Store you can find stylish and affordable posters and frames to fit your style. They have a huge selection of different frames and categories for every taste; they even add a new collection every Tuesday! Take a look at the steps below to see how I created my perfect gallery wall.

The first step was to clear the wall from everything that was there before so we could have a clean space to work with. After clearing the wall space, I went to the Poster Store website and looked at the sizing options they offered. They have a few sizes so I was able to pick the ones that I thought would work the best. I grabbed some old wrapping paper I had and cut some frames with the sizes I had in mind (from the website). I then placed them on the wall as shown below to take a look at what I was working with. I taped them with painters tape and put some vertical and some horizontal. This was just my vision of what I wanted it to look like so that I could then find the posters I needed!

After doing the layout of my vision of the gallery wall I then went to Poster Store website again and started looking for the posters I wanted. I was looking for a boho, neutral style and they had so many to choose from! I added all the posters to my cart and since there were so many I loved it was hard to narrow down my decision in the end.

After adding all my favorites to the cart I narrowed it down to my ultimate favorites and also was able to see how they looked in my cart together. I then decided by looking at the wall where I wanted each specific poster to go so I was able to select the size of it. After I chose the sizing I went to their selection of frames on their website and selected the color of frames I wanted. I decided on mix and matching two frames on my gallery wall so I picked the sizing that I had done for the posters. Their huge selection of posters and frames made it so easy for me to select something that matched my style. I placed my order and the posters came very fast! Their shipping was excellent. Below is a picture of the frames and posters when I took them out of the boxes.

The posters are printed in high quality paper from Stockholm and it is truly so amazing, clear and sturdy! I put each poster inside each frame and they could not have made the process easier. Each frame brings a plastic film on it and all you have to do it remove it and insert the poster. After I assembled each poster I was ready to start hanging them! I removed all the wrapping paper from the wall and the first one I put on the wall was the middle frame. I started with the middle first so it could be centered and then started working on the outside frames. I could not be more in love with how this gallery wall turned out. Thank you Poster Store for giving our guest room the most beautiful look!

Frames (Poster Store):

1 White Wood Frame 15.7″ x 19.7″

2 White Wood Frame 11.8″ x 15.7″

2 White Wood Frame 8.3″ x 11.8″

2 Oak Frames 11.8″ x 15.7″

2 Oak Frames 8.3″ x 11.8″

Posters (Poster Store):

Sand Poster,

Marc Jacobs Love Poster,

Beige Nature Poster

Dried Flower Poster

Reed In the Wind Poster

Dried Grass Poster

Rock Formation Poster

Wild and Free Poster

Wild Flowers Poster

Other Sources:

Bed: Queen Bed

Wood Vase: Target

Pillows: Home Goods and TJMaxx

Night Stand: Ashley’s Furniture (very old set and I painted it with white chalkpaint)

Chandelier: Lowes Home Improvement

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