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When we got our home our guest bathroom was the first room we decided to change! It was our first DIY project and we loved every minute of it. After completing the guest bath we knew that we loved working together on projects like this one! The only thing that we left unchanged was the faucets, keeping the builder grade faucets for about 2 years. This year we partnered with Pfister Faucets and changed out all of the builder grade faucets in that bathroom and we LOVE the results! I will be sharing all the gorgeous Pfister Faucets products we received with you below. We absolutely love all of them!

We added wallpaper to the wall, took the builder grade mirror down and added new lighting. We also added shelving and loved the turnout. Below is a picture of the bathroom after we updated it!

Bathroom DIY After

Now it’s been two years since we did our first DIY, and we decided to update the faucets, toilet paper holder and shower kit to give it a whole new look. Thanks to Pfister Faucets and their new Ladera Collection, it was all made possible!

Ladera Sink Faucet

After looking at all the colors in the bathroom we decided to go with the Tuscan Bronze finish in all their products. For the faucet we chose the Ladera 2- handle 4″ Centerset Bathroom Faucet in Tuscan Bronze. The finish of this bronze is absolutely GORGEOUS! It was the perfect color to match the lighting and shelving we already had. For our countertop we had to choose the centerset faucet because the one we replaced was a centerset and we did not change the countertop but they also have other choices! This faucet changed the look of the whole entire bathroom. Can you believe that?!

This faucet and all of their faucets on their site are amazing because they have Spot Defense which means less hard water build up and finger prints which makes the cleaning process so much easier. I LOVE that feature! The installation of this was also so EASY, we were able to do it ourselves without any problems especially because it also brought step by step directions inside the box which we loved! They also come with their patented “Push & Seal” drain which requires no tools and installs in less than half the time of a standard pop-up drain. You simply press to seal and again to open! Needless to say it was a big change from out builder grade faucet and we love the modern look of it!

Ladera Shower Faucet

We got their 1-Handle Tub + Shower Faucet in Tuscan Bronze. Everything turned out absolutely gorgeous and the color adds so much richness to our gray tile. The shower head is so much nicer than the one we had before and it will definitely make our guests feel at home! Below are some pictures of our new shower kit so you can take a look.


We needed a couple of more pieces to complete this bathroom refresh and Pfister Faucets made it easy because they have more than just faucets. They had so many accessories to choose from but I went for some tuscan bronze ones to match the other products! Everything turned out so good! Here is what we got:

Three Bronson Robe Hooks in Tuscan Bronze

One Bronson Toilet Paper Holder in Tuscan Bronze

I chose the Bronson collection because it looked like it would match their Ladera Collection perfectly. I am so happy I did because they look so perfect together. We put the toilet paper holder on our white cabinet and it was such an easy install. Pfister supplied us with a pre-made paper which we were able to tape to the cabinet and then use that to drill our holes. It made the install so EASY! Then we used the robe hooks as our towel holders and love the look of those!

Final Product

Thank you for following along our Guest Bath Refresh and a HUGE thank you to Pfister Faucets for all the AMAZING products. We are absolutely in love with how the bathroom turned out!

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