Our house has a very large entrance hallway and we wanted to add something that would fill the wall without looking too busy. I wanted it to look clean and simple and I came up with the idea of adding a family gallery wall! Then we came up with the amazing idea of adding some lighting without it being hard wired. I will link all the items used at the end. Follow along the steps below to make the perfect gallery wall!



The first step was to measure the space. We measured the width of the wall and height. Getting measurements is going to tell you how much space you have for the gallery wall. I wanted to go with three frames in each layer so I went and found some extra wrapping paper i had left over from Christmas presents and started making squares with them by measuring and putting them on the wall. I made some 13×13 wrapping paper squares and they were too small so i went a little bigger and made 15×15 paper squares and they turned out to be perfect! I made nine of them and measured to make sure they would all look even on the wall as shown below.

I used painters tape on each corner so that it would be easy to take off once I had the frames. After having the measurements I went to the Frame it Easy website and started to look through all their frame choices to see what I wanted. Frame it Easy has so many great choices and what I love about their site is that you can choose to get your pictures added/printed and they also come with a backing ready to hang! Easy just like their name, Frame it Easy! I went with a simple white frame and I chose to do black and white photos since that was my preference but you can also choose to do them in color.

Below is the exact sizing of the custom frames I got:

  • Art Size: 13″ x 13″
  • Outside Frame Size: 15″ x 15″
  • Style: Derby, in White
  • Cover: Clear Acrylic
  • Backing: Standard Foamcore
  • Printed Artwork: Custom

The frames arrived in a very sturdy box very well packaged! I love how the pictures turned out. After getting the frames they were so easy to put up because I had already done the measuring with my wrapping paper. I used a hammer, small nails and hung all the frames!

Then came the last part! Hanging up the wireless sconces…I call this the “magic light trick”. I measured and we marked with a pencil where we wanted the sconces to go above the center of each column of frames. We got the sconces from Amazon and then we also purchased puck lights, command strips and a socket adapter.

After getting the materials we used a command strip and added it to the puck lights and socket adapter as shown below.

Now these were ready to be added to the bottom of each of the sconces. We then worked on drilling in the sconces to the wall and hid the wiring in the back. Such a great idea!

Now we have an amazing gallery wall with no wired lights. The puck lights also have a small remote control that turns them on and off! This was such a fun project with the help of Frame it Easy!


I love seeing what you create so if you use the “Magic Light Trick” be sure to tag me on instagram. I hope you enjoyed our DIY project!

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