Check out some of my DIY’s below!

Guest Bathroom | DIY

The guest bathroom was the first DIY project I did with my husband. After we moved into our new build home, we wanted to turn it into our dream home, and tackling the guest bathroom was the first on our list. As beginners, we had no clue what we were doing and there was a lot of learning. We added new light fixtures, a new mirror, shiplap wallpaper, and two shelves and it turned out better than I ever imagined.  


Laundry Room | DIY

After tackling the guest bathroom, our next project was the laundry room. It was a much bigger project for us because we decided to use actual shiplap instead of the wallpaper we used in the guest bathroom. After adding the shiplap, we added the two cabinets and shelves for additional space. This is absolutely one of my favorite rooms!

Hallway Gallery Wall | DIY

Hallway’s can be a difficult space to style, and after a lot of Pinterest scrolling, I decided to display a gallery wall with photos of my favorite memories with my husband and pup. And instead of wiring, we installed this lighting using puck lights and command strips. We hid the wiring on the back of the sconce!

Frame it Easy Frames Information:

  • Art Size- 13″ x 13″, Outside Frame Size- 15″ x 15″
  • Style-Derby in White
  • Cover-Clear Acrylic


Closet | Cloffice "Office Closet" DIY

As a kindergarten teacher, blogger, and small business owner, I needed an office where I can sit and work. I got the idea to turn the guest bedroom closet into my “Cloffice” space and it turned out so perfect! 

Coffee Table | Chalk Paint DIY

I could not believe how just a little bit of chalk paint and sand paper goes a long way. I found this coffee table sitting in my mom’s attic and I decided to turn it into my dream coffee table. I did 2-3 coats of white chalk paint, and once that dried I sanded the edges a little bit to give it that rustic feel. It turned out even better than I imagined!

Nightstand | Ikea DIY

 While we were doing our master bedroom refresh, every nightstand I saved to my carts online turned out to be hundreds of dollars. We wanted budget-friendly ones and decided to DIY them ourselves. The nightstands we DIY’ed came out to be around $60. Wow right?! 

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